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How to build a Search Engine Friendly Landing Page Attractive to Web Spiders.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023


Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of how to build an effective landing page and increase website traffic. To create search engine friendly pages on websites depends on the factors discussed in this article. Here we will discuss which attributes describe a good landing page experience while gaining site traffic.

Content is one of the key players in attracting organic traffic to your online space. In addition to worrying about content, your SEO strategy is only as strong as the weakest link. It is very import that every part of the chain to be forged as tough as you can make it. Paying attention to the small stuff pays off big time in the long run. That is why businesses, medium to small, outsource SEO using our affordable step by step effective plan.

Crawlfrog affordable local SEO services has put together a simple process to optimize your small business website for online growth and sustainability. But first, it is important for you, our small business prospective clients made aware of what is happening behind the technical clutter and fancy jargons required to optimize, brand, and how to scale your business online and offline.

increase website traffice
Targeted Website Traffic with Precision Conversion

Crawlfrog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency free small business resources and online courses will help you take the guess work out of website optimization and other areas of your organization. Stringent research and testing are done to fully optimize WIX websites for small business owners. These are the hard charging leaders, dedicated to increase their website traffic organically and execute on sales conversion.

On page search optimization is one of our top specialties. You need to understand every element of a web page and use it to its fullest potential. Knowing how spiders are going to see and react to your business landing pages (a page that is designed to lead to a conversion of some sort) is absolutely critical to your optimization efforts. Furthermore, understanding which attributes describe a good landing page experience, requires ideal on page optimization with well written html tags, as well as proper site page design.

It makes sense why our SEO specialists are available 24/7 to be an extension of your business and digital marketing efforts. Crawlfrog SEO Hampton Roads team identifies potential problems that many businesses do not have the time to evaluate. For example, mistakes with JavaScript can lead to a spider, where a spider gets caught in an endless loop and is forced to abandon your website pages because it has no other alternative. Continue reading and we will cover the things that make your page search engine friendly and what the biggest pitfalls are. Getting these elements right is essential to obtain and retain Google organic traffic and rankings in the long term. First, let's explain spiders and how they work.

Attract Web Spiders

Don't be confused or startled. The spiders that we are talking about is not the blood sucking, poisonous creatures hiding in the attic. Well...kind of. Website spiders may be poisonous to websites if it's not attractively created. Web spiders will spill their venoms while crawling if the construct of your codes is not properly arranged. In some instances, spiders will just automatically penalize or leave unattractive websites. However, with a well-planned and designed website, spiders can be your best friend while they crawl. Your site will be favored for an ideal content match that will help increase website traffic. Search engine friendly pages and website is a critical component for favorable organic web traffic results.

What are web spiders?

Web spiders or crawlers are search engine bots that indexes content across the internet or world wide web. The purpose of this bot is to learn what websites are about and retrieve the information that matches a person's search intent or query on the web. The term web crawler is used as a technical jargon because the spiders crawl for data using a software program. If you are a newbie site owner, try not to get too caught up into some of these unfamiliar terms. As you receive our free SEO consultation and go through the building blocks of our program things will become clearer. Get ready to leap on page #1 of SERP!

What should a landing page include?

As mentioned earlier fine-tuning the nuts and bolts to increase website traffic is crucial for your brand. Landing pages are very important for many reasons. This is where you can make a good first impression and a lasting one with your targeted customers. It is also designed to inform, educate, and convert into leads or have a prospective client/customer initiate an action such as signing up for your newsletter. These pages must include a call to action, such as a button or hyperlink indicating that an action is required. Examples of a call to action is "get started" and "buy now".

What is a landing page? A website usually has one or more landing page with at least five supporting pages/articles/blogs dedicated to each of your main keywords. Each landing page across your website should have a unique keyword or sets of closely related keywords. If a keyword is assigned twice to two separating landing pages, search engines like google and Bing will only assign a weight to one of the main pages and ignore the other. It is important to make your landing pages distinct with unique keywords and content information. When users are searching for those unique keywords, your audience will click your link that is shown on SERP. They will then arrive at a page that delivers just what they are looking for. You should also have secondary keywords on those pages, but the point is to have focused unique content that has the main keywords distributed throughout. We will cover keyword strategy in a different section of our small business resources blog topics. The construction of landing pages matters to search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo). It helps them determine the relevance of each landing page. The engines count everything that can be qualified, like the total number of words, how many times your keywords are repeated on the page (prominence), and so forth. And no, this is not one of Bing or Google tricks that many struggling online business owners often allude. It pays to make your page construction line up with what Google considers to be optimal for each of these elements as much as possible.


These are just a few criterions of which attributes describe a good landing page experience that my help with your e-commerce website converting.

Attractive coding for Web spiders and a well-designed landing pages construct is just a few of the important variables that are worth analyzing. Start your site optimization quest by building search engine-friendly landing pages which delivers good user experience. The results will increase website traffic to your business site and scale your digital footprint.


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