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The Popup Shop Business Initiative offers SEO services and consulting for local small and micro size companies, side-hustle individuals and startup ideas. We seek to help visionary entrepreneurs start, build, grow, and scale their enterprise using popup shop operation as the Growth Engine.

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We provide small business SEO services that's laser focused on E-commerce website's development to expand company's digital footprint. 

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Offer popup shop business & SEO consultation for startup merchants and small local brick and mortar storefronts. 

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Dedicated to 1-on-1 coaching, online courses, books, and free small business resources suitable for entrepreneurs's professional development. 




  • Q1. What exactly does the Popup Shop Business Initiative (PSBI) offers?
    A1. Popup Shop Business Initiative (PSBI) is a small business development platform that provides entrepreneurs with a one-stop-shop solution for launching, managing, and growing their popup shop operation and small business enterprise. It offers training tools, resources such as popup business system templates, startup books, and digital marketing & SEO services.
  • Q2. When will online courses and 1-on-1 training be available for enrollment?
    A2. Click here to access our available classroom training time/date slots. Our online courses are pending launch. Also, please claim a copy of our published popup shop books and become familiar with the outlined concepts. Popup Your Startup is available for purchase on Barnes & Noble, local online bookstores, and Amazon. BUY NOW Popup Your E-commerce is now ready for pre-order on Amazon. BUY NOW Popup Your Side-Hustle and Popup Your Storefront will be ready for pre-order soon. Additionally, click here for more learning resources such as blogs and training material available for your reading pleasure and professional development. Sign up to The Popup Shop Business Initiative platform and get notified once we officially launch the online courses.
  • Q3. How much does it cost to use PSBI to support the growth of my business?
    A3. The Popup Shop Business Initiative offers various pricing plans depending on your business needs. If you opt for any of our plans, we essentially do the work for you while guiding you through the process. Enroll now in our free Popup & SEO consultation to get started. Our Basic Pro price plan starts at $238, a one-time charge which includes the most basic services. The advanced plan, Leap Pro, costs $1918 per month and offers a comprehensive blend of business, marketing, and e-commerce strategies. Additionally, if you are up for the challenge, our individualize or group classroom training, and online courses may be your choice.
  • Q4. Does PSBI provide customer support?
    A4. Yes, PSBI provides customer support via email, zoom, and chat. If you are local to Hampton Roads Virginia, an in-person meeting can suffice. Please contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns, and we will attempt to assist you promptly. Additionally, we also offer informative blog posts to help you get started and, on your way, to becoming a popupreneur.
  • Q5. What types of businesses can benefit from partnering with The Popup Shop Business Initiative (PSBI)?
    A5. The Popup Shop Business Initiative can benefit a wide range of businesses, from micro/small startups to established brands. It's especially useful for entrepreneurs who want to test their product(s)/services at a short-term physical location (Popup Shop), before committing to a long-term lease or launching and optimizing an e-commerce website. It's also great for brands that want to create a unique shopping experience for their customers and build brand awareness.

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Popup Your E-commerce Book Signing
Popup Your E-commerce Book Signing
Sep 15, 2024, 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT
5100 Kilgore Ave, Hampton, VA 23666, USA


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